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By implementing our AI technology you will be able to save costs, be more efficient and add value to your client.

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Uses cases

Our solutions integrate the main AI technologies on the market, breaking the productive barriers of other times.

We create automated AI processes, increasing productivity and agility in the value chain of your business.

Document processing

Identification, analysis and data extraction

Whether you need to extract data from financial reports, legal documents, invoices, or any other type of PDF document, our platform is the perfect solution for you. Save time, effort and avoid possible errors in manual data extraction.

Data extractionExtracción de datos


Process automation with LLMs

Based on the identification, analysis and extraction of data from your documents, we can generate automatic actions to streamline your company's processes.

WorkflowsFlujo de trabajo

Conjunctural analysis

Automation of analysis of different data sources

By identifying the relevant topics for your company, we can incorporate the daily processing of different external services as well as generate different internal communication actions.

Conjunctural analysisAnálisis coyuntural


We bring innovation to companies, generating productivity, agility and a better user experience.

We do this by designing, implementing and operating creative solutions at every point where the company and people connect.

Financial market

Processing of corporate statutes, deeds and contracts

We work to establish what data you need to extract from the different documents and create a special agent for each case. These agents can then send the information obtained to the corresponding sector.

Financial marketFinanciero

Insurance market

Processing of guarantees, deposits, deeds and contracts

From the analysis of the documents we can generate a risk evaluator for each insured.

Insurance marketSeguros

Legal and audit

Processing of letters, documents, deeds and contracts

Quickly obtain a categorization of documents and their degree of priority based on their analysis.

Legal and auditLegales


Daily analysis from external sources

We can process different sources of information on a daily basis to speed up your company's decision-making and keep up-to-date information on your sector.


Take the first step to automating your documents and save time and money

Boost the productivity of your employees and focus them on high value-added tasks. Automatically processes large volumes of written and audio documents.

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How does it work?

We adapt to your specific needs, incorporating value in the processing and automation processes of your company. Access monitoring and audit reports of all the processes that we integrate in your company.

¿Cómo funciona?

Talk to your documents

We integrate processes with natural language, artificial intelligence and workflow automation into the same solution..

Document Assistant

It is the ideal solution to process large quantities of documents 7x24x365 automatically and efficiently. Achieving results from day one.

Chat Assistant

We generate virtual assistants based on the knowledge of your company and integrate it with your APIs in the different conversation flows.