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Our AI technology extracts and processes data from any type of document, saving you time and effort.

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We managed to process all our documents in record time

At Boolfy Labs we create business solutions with artificial intelligence applied to business processes

We create automated AI processes, increasing productivity and agility in the value chain of your business.
Our solutions integrate the main AI technologies on the market, breaking the productive barriers of other times.

Document Assistant

Process all types of documents

Whether you need to extract data from legal documents, invoices, financial reports or any other type of PDF document, our platform is the perfect solution for you. Save time, effort and avoid possible errors in manual data extraction.

Document Assistant
Chat Assistant

Chat Assistant

We help companies develop their capabilities

Dialogue with your users, clients or employees. Advise them automatically. Give them a unique experience that strengthens the bond with your brand.

Take the first step to automating your documents and save time and money

Boost the productivity of your employees and focus them on high value-added tasks. Automatically processes large volumes of written and audio documents.

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How does it work?

We adapt to your specific needs, incorporating value in the processing and automation processes of your company. Access monitoring and audit reports of all the processes that we integrate in your company.

How does it work?

Natural language processes

We integrate processes with natural language, artificial intelligence and workflow automation into the same solution..

Document Assistant

It is the ideal solution to process large quantities of documents 7x24x365 automatically and efficiently. Achieving results from day one.

Chat Assistant

We generate virtual assistants based on the knowledge of your company and integrate it with your APIs in the different conversation flows.